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Advanced users may have a need to use the features of the network option AgileLoad offers. The network options allow network emulation to simulate users with slow connections and to generate load from multiple IP addresses even while the load is generated from one machine. IP spoofing like this can be very important when testing infrastructures with load balancing in place. Without this traffic may not be evenly spread across all the load balancing nodes.

As with

all the other tabs, the network options relate to Task Group scenario in current focus.

Ip spoofingIP Spoofing: Is used to source generated load from multiple IP addresses. Before this can be used the IP addresses must be set up on the machine and must be available on the network (check with the network administrator that it’s OK to use the additional addresses you propose, that they are not already in use by another device and that they fall within the specifications of the network that you are currently on). Additional IP addresses are easily set up using the IP Generator available with a right click from the AgileLoad task tray icon. Please see the help files for more information on setting up the IP addresses.

Number: Is used to specify the number of addresses desired when using the Range Min Max controls. This can be used when IP addresses are already set up on the injector that will be used for this Task Group scenario. Alternatively List will list the IP addresses available on the Injector chosen for that Task Group scenario.

Bandwidth limit per user: Emulates slower networks, useful for simulating mobile or dial up users. The bandwidth can be specified wither from the Select list or specified as a free form integer using the Custom (bits/s) control.

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